Brian Curtis
T Earl Adams
Robert Mandelbaum
Paul Klemme


Remember those guys in high school who had a band? Remember how good they were and how they always played just the right song? What ever happened to those guys?

This is the perfect description of the Austin-based band Cross Creek!

Cross Creek, collectively, have over a century of experience in turning gatherings into parties, and parties into events. Their repertoire includes literally hundreds of hits from five decades of popular music including rock, pop, dance, country, blues, and all genres in between. They have also been known to take on occasional “stump-the-band” requests (if they are feeling particularly bullet-proof at the time!)


The core of Cross Creek includes Brian Curtis (guitar & lead vocals) who is a natural showman and has been a part of touring acts since the 80’s. Robert Mandelbaum (drums & backing vocals) who’s rock-steady beats ground and groove the band. Paul Klemme (keys & vocals) keeps the fun going with tasty licks on the ivories. And finally T. Earl Adams (bass & lead vocals) who, to put it bluntly, is simply an entertainment Godzilla!


Cross Creek can keep the party going all night long with a wide variety of music that will make everyone happy. Hire Cross Creek for your next event, you will have a party everyone will be talking about for years!